How you can invest in affordable video production?

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We’ve all heard and read the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” – but what does it really mean? Is video really that more powerful than text? In this post, we want to explain to you what video production means and why you should be investing in video marketing this year. More importantly, we want to show you how you can implement an effective video strategy at an affordable price.

What is video production?

Since the first published video in 2005, Youtube has proven that video is worth the time. From funny cat videos to the now lucrative video influencers, we have seen video evolve over the last 20 years. Youtube claims that a billion hours of video are watched by users every day.

Video’s purpose isn’t just for entertainment though – 92% of marketers have said that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. We know at first glance video production can be an intimidating service and process to look at – but it doesn’t need to include a huge range of equipment and budget to deliver.

What video boils down to is storytelling – something your business should grab and run with to improve your brand awareness. You want to bring attention to your core values and how your products can help consumers. 

Video can be filmed on a DSLR camera or a smartphone camera – it doesn’t matter! As long as your content captures your passion and explains what your business does, you will be well on your way to building up your video marketing strategy.

A video series, much like the one we produced for one of our clients, Playsmart, can explain your brand and showcase a broad range of products. This storytelling can drive engagement with your brand and help consumers feel more connected to your brand which in turn creates loyalty and trust.

Why should I invest?

Visual imagery, especially video, can be an important part of effectively delivering a message or explaining a process. It’s become the most commonly used form of content for businesses and statistics prove it’s the best way to digitally market your business and products to consumers.

Consumers want to know more about your brand and more importantly what your products are. In under a minute, consumers who click on your website can learn who you are, what you do and what you can offer – all through the medium of video!

Not only does video encourage consumers to connect and learn more about your brand, it can deliver a return on investment. A video on your home page for example can increase your conversion rate by up to 86%

It’s not just on your website homepage that can help conversions either – having a video can increase your chance of ranking higher on Google. Pages with videos are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page. This means your website will be in a prime location for consumers to find and visit.

You don’t need big cameras or even bigger budgets

Whilst all of the reasons to invest in video marketing are compelling, thinking about paying for video production for your business can be a scary thought. Your mind goes directly to big cameras, lights and Hollywood budgets. Unless you’re a company who turns over 5-6 figure profits, you don’t need to be expected to spend a huge amount on video production.

At the most, for a small or medium business, video with short clips of your team and products with added post-production elements such as editing and animation is ideal and a great starting point. Filming short clips don’t need to take up a large amount of time or money either – you can use your smartphone and film up to 1-minute clips each day.

There are affordable software packages available and companies like us out there who are happy to try and create something very powerful and effective to suit your budget and expectation of outcome. You don’t need high budget CGI or effects – we have affordable post-production services that can transform your video into a user-friendly, compelling piece of media.

We can ensure when you spend money on marketing services with ICN Media, you will spend the right amount of money so every pound goes further. We are skilled experts in video production and know exactly what you need to kickstart your video marketing strategy.

Have you already experimented with videos for your business or are you still apprehensive to dip your toe into video production? If you have any questions or queries about video production, drop us a message down below!

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