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What Does the Future of Digital Marketing Hold?

As an international digital marketing agency, we at ICN know how turbulent the world of digital marketing can be. So, what new and developing trends and pitfalls can we expect for 2023?

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Content Development Strategy- the Modern Marketing Marvel

According to the Content Marketing Institute, in 2021 only 53% of marketers had a dedicated content development strategy and management plan despite the majority increasing their use of content marketing over the pandemic.

As think-pieces, reviewer, and blog-spots grew in prominence over 2022, the content marketing train is definitely chugging along at quite a pace! Therefore, careful strategy is the most important aspect of content creation for 2023.

Google is increasingly valuing quality over quantity in their algorithm analytics for search engine optimisation (SEO). Helpful content personal to your target audience to prioritise engagement and lead generation acts as a great content strategy for brand building, and even retargeting previous customers or users.

Top Tip:
Business to Business (B2B) companies can benefit by providing a relatable mission statement on social responsibility as part of their content plan. This has been found to be one of the key qualities businesses look out for in reaching out to a partner.

Video is the Way Forward

The most rapidly climbing trend in content creation marketing is the inclusion of video. Short-form and long-form video marketing is a great brand building tool to market your business’ unique selling point directly to your audience. The rise of social media platforms such as TikTok driving analytics based algorithmic content streams of your brand message and products directly to specific audiences.

Why not capitalise on this moment in internet evolution and use the professional corporate video services such as those at ICN-Productions?

For a more in-depth analysis of where ICN Media’s video content development strategy can help your business read our expert article

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Garnish with Meta Tagging and Meta Descriptions

Meta data is often discussed in digital marketing and website development circles. But exactly what are metatags, and how do you effectively use meta-descriptions as a marketing strategy?

Meta tags are the extra information added to parts of your content added to the page code, for example, images and videos. These provide Google’s analytics, as well as users with screen reading software some extra information about the content.

Meta descriptions are the short text displayed on a search engine results page underneath the main title. A focal point of Google’s attention during the results ranking process, this should be eye-catching, use relevant keywords, and accurately describe the content of the page.

Effective use of meta tagging and meta descriptions in conjunction with content creation marketing, video and SEO is the hallmark of a successful piece of digital marketing material according to other experts in the field.

The Rise of Social Media

Or Rather, The Rise of (Alternative) Social Media!

The social media sites LinkedIn and TikTok have had an amazing year for earnings and engagement. Linkedin is predicted to have captured almost 25% of ad spending by 2024, and TikTok is the name on everyone’s lips for changing short-form video content marketing strategy. Despite their almost opposite demographics, these overlooked alternative social media platforms to Facebook (now known as Meta) and Twitter, are core elements of an effective social media strategy for advertising!

No matter your audience or business goals, social media marketing is a great opportunity for brand building and spreading word organically. With paid social media advertising a target of special attention in 2022, accounting for 33% of all digital advertising spending, this relatively decentralised aspect of the rise of social media poses a huge opportunity for businesses of any size. It may be a positive strategy to migrate focus away from chronically mismanaged previous social media titans (sorry Elon!) to these potentially prosperous alternatives.

Community Building Online

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The experts on Digital Marketing Institute’s amazing podcast emphasise how recent changes in the social media landscape, and changing engagement styles among different audiences require a change in digital marketing strategy.

Here at ICN Media, we love their suggestion of a greater focus on the personal relationship your business has with your audience, to build customer loyalty and association with quality content centred around what they care about. Community building is a cost effective way to maintain an engaged audience. This can be done through adding a personal touch to your existing content creation based on the keywords and search terms your business community uses most as shown in SEO organic analytics, or by directly reaching out.

Reaching out to other content creators in your field can create what are known as backlinks when they link back to your website. The more backlinks from reliable and relevant sources within your online community, the more clear it is to Google that you are a valuable website to promote on the search engine rankings.

Communication with users through email campaigns are also a great way to find a reliable community. A marketing agency with a detailed database of open rates, audience interest segments, and conversion rate optimisation services is an invaluable tool to reach out in the right way to the correct part of your user-base to get the result you want.

Community Building Online

With the rising cost of living expected to continue through 2023, customers and businesses alike are more than ever looking our for value for money. Therefore, here at ICN Media, in our own services and in the work we do for our clients, focusing on customer experience and value for money are central.

Economic uncertainty can create a difficult environment for any digital marketing strategy, therefore adaptation and knowing what your customer base and audience want from you is important. Keep up to date with the latest changes in the sector with ICN Media’s blog articles, and also experiment with different marketing solutions and strategies. Although make sure to keep an eye on the analytics your website produce with the help of our friendly and communicative digital marketing team.

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How ICN Media Can Help

We have seen an upwards trend in the amount of business searching for digital marketing help according to independent data from SEMRush. If you are one of the many looking for SEO services, wanting to know how to build relationships with clients that will last, or you’re desperate for a reliable provider of high-quality corporate video services, ICN is the right place for you!

While you’re here, why not browse our products and services to find what’s right for your business. Or you can fill out our handy contact form or book a call today to start your adventure with ICN Media.

If our trends sound right to you or if you have any predictions of your own, please leave a comment below, and we may include it in a future article!

Blog by ICN’s SEO Analyst & Content Creator Gemma Gibson

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