Why Content Marketing is the Future

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Content is the rising buzzword in today’s digital marketing world, but what is content marketing and how does it work?

Quality over quantity has become the rule for digital marketing strategies over the last few years. Customers and B2B clients are always on the lookout for web content that accurately and engagingly positions itself as the best option.

Long-form blog content marketing is perhaps the most effective method to gain this attention.

As a digital content marketing agency, here at ICN-media we know how to create and promote a range of successful digital content, driving up relevant traffic and social engagement through our many content marketing strategies.

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Content Conversion Funnel

Conversion funnel techniques are incredibly useful to gain relevant leads from your website, meaning those contacting you through your website content will be those who want to work with you.

There are 4 types of content that work to attract and retain interested parties suggested by the Digital Marketing Institute:

  1. Broad content to get your company’s name and message out. This could include broad articles jumping on current competitor trends, or content focused on specific products and services your business provides.
  2. ‘Consideration content’ acts as a middle point of the funnel, where interested parties continue to search their options in the market. A great option for this is to link your broad content to more specific, niche topics which highlight your unique selling points or your involvement with principles and movements your audience cares about.
  3. High-impact content, where final conversions take place. The end of the funnel should grab the potential customer with a statement of your business’s identity and purpose, a key part of brand building to push you above your competitors. Using calls-to-action and clear links to where to contact you encourages interaction with your website in the ways you most desire.
  4. Retention and retargeting content which continues to promote your message to previous clients and those who dropped off at various stages of the funnel. This should be engaging and unique to catch the interest of those already showing interest in your business. Using data to track the progress of your content strategy is vital to identify what content gains leads that you can use as a focal point for future content, and which topics are less successful.

Google Algorithm Changes

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital tool in any business’ belt as competition for those bigger clients is often based on how visible companies are online- namely those at the top of search query results.

Google’s algorithm for ranking webpages in searches is always changing; keeping up-to-date with which keywords are going to be most effective is important to keep your content relevant. Digital marketing agencies use a range of data analytics to keep track of where adjustments in content and keyword strategies need to be made. As a plus, unlike most other digital agencies, ICN-media values transparency with all of our clients, providing regular comprehensive reports for you to stay involved in the running of your digital presence.

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The use of meta-data is also central to how Google decides to promote your webpage. Embedding relevant keywords into the meta-title, meta-description, and alt-tags to any images helps demonstrate that your website has a strong identity and purpose based around the words you choose to promote.

Effective Keyword Strategies

Keyword SEO strategies once again adhere to quality over quantity when being analysed by search engine scrapers. Optimising and maintaining visibility requires a unique balance between the total volume of searches for a keyword, and how successfully your website has previously ranked in queries involving the keyword.

Using too many keywords in content is an outdated strategy and nowadays impacts your visibility negatively, as the content can be classed as keyword stuffing or spam. A high grammatical standard of content with a relevant focus that connects to what you offer elsewhere on your website, helps your pages to be seen by more people.

Gaining Backlinks

A backlink is formed when another website creates a link to your website. This can be achieved either organically- as people discover and promote you based on your quality of content- or through directly contacting reliable and relevant websites (which can come with a fee to include an affiliate link).

These methods both depend on having a quality website to promote, a reliable website won’t want to associate with an empty website filled with bare-boned UI and no evidence of originality.

One successful backlink technique is what is known as the Skyscraper Method. This entails identifying popular and trending pages promoting a competitor’s content. This can inspire your articles and blogs to create better, or more updated and relevant content to pitch. This allows you to build your backlink on the popularity of an existing page- like building an extra floor on an existing skyscraper rather than starting from the ground up.

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Content Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

These ever important aspects of creative marketing can work together to build your brand identity as a well-rounded whole. Your business should use both aspects of conversational short-form and more professional medium to long form content creation in different marketing channels.

Social media virility is the goal of many small and medium businesses hoping to expand their online presence and build their brand. However, this is only helpful when publishing relevant and unique content which engages the right customers, who will be willing to work with you. Social media marketing is useful to increase brand awareness but must be paired with effective content to have the most useful impact.

To learn more about the principles of social media marketing click here.

Multi-Media Content

Multi-media content is a great opportunity the rise of social media like TikTok has provided us. Producing video content has many benefits to promote the uniqueness of your business and drive customer retention and engagement.

High-quality video media services can provide an amazing boost to your business. Digital media companies like ICN-Productions provide engaging and appealing media content directly for your business to fit with your website’s content goals and alongside your existing promotional marketing.

Meet your Content Marketing Goals with ICN-Media

Book a call with our experts, and find out how our Nottingham content marketing agency and digital media services can help you adapt your creative strategy to the dynamic world of content marketing.

Blog by ICN’s SEO Analyst & Content Creator Gemma Gibson

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