Lord’s Taverners East Midlands – Delivery of Video Series

Nottingham, UK – January 9th, 2018 
ICN Media has produced and delivered a series of videos for The Lord’s Taverners East Midlands Region.

Over the second half of 2017, ICN Media created a picture and video archive for the region to set up and be better able to find and use imagery going forward, completed 5 video shoots which included interviews with Lydia Greenway, Luke Fletcher, Peter Moores and Paul Nixon as well as many of the people involved in the Wicketz project in the East Midlands.

ICN Media also created some animations and graphics also shared with the Lord’s Taverners HQ with a total of 7 different videos delivered of varying lengths and purposes. ICN’s contribution was delivered at a ‘CSR’ rate in order to try and ensure that funds raised by the charity go as far as possible.

Wicketz is a cricket programme for young people living in deprived areas, that provides year-round weekly cricket sessions and has a dedicated development officer. The projects go beyond cricket to tackle issues affected the young people and their local community to promote positive life choices and develop new life skills and 2 hubs are up and running in the East Midlands region, with both being featured in a dedicated film.

ICN Media offers digital publishing and marketing experience going back to 1998, with a suite of 15 services which spans from websites to apps, SEO to video production and social media to quality control and product testing. Clients are based locally, up and down the UK or across the world.
Geoff Baker, Founder & CEO of ICN said “It has been getting going with the local branch of the Lord’s Taverners. It is a fantastic cause that does some incredible work, and getting that story out there is really important. We’ve done some diverse things together, yes there’s the obvious, like film shoots and video editing and production, but relatively small areas like the picture archive and book end animations are important details that make a tangible difference to both the efficiency and the effectiveness of any time spent.”