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With over 20 years of experience in digital media, we are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and resources to assess your business’s digital needs. This vast experience spans a wide variety of clients through a vast array of projects; ICN Media are ideally situated to aid your business, no matter its size or type. Our Consultancy service is designed to aid your business in achieving its goals and objectives through mastering the art of digital marketing and media output.

Amidst the landscape of the ever-exponentially growing market of the internet, knowing which digital marketing tactics to target and make use of can be a struggle. To keep up with this level of change, consultancy recommended practices and tactics are constantly in flux too. There are so many options to take advantage of, and most businesses are aware of this and utilising them on some level.

However, one study indicated that 45% of businesses ‘doing’ digital marketing are doing so without a targeted digital marketing strategy in place. This can lead to inefficiency and wasted resources when trying to prioritise digital marketing channels and ultimately may result in your business missing out on or not realising the full extent that a certain approach or tactic can achieve in order to be the most beneficial to your business.

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18% of local searches done on mobile devices lead to a sale within a day, so don’t underestimate the impact of mobile marketing!

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When it comes to engaging with a salesperson from a company, 47% of consumers will view between 3 and 5 pieces of content created by that company beforehand. Use this to your advantage and take every opportunity to showcase your business online!

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46% of consumers show their loyalty through recommending products or services to family and friends, so it’s worthwhile investing in dynamic ways to engage your consumers and earn their loyalty, as this will further drive consumer growth!

ICN Media’s consultancy service is part of our comprehensive digital media offerings and draws digital marketing thought leadership experience going back to 1998. Whether you’ve identified a specific area in which you require digital marketing assistance, or you’d just like to have a top-level conversation with a digital marketing specialist, we’re here to help.

Our professional digital marketing team has a diverse range of high-quality skills to help achieve digital marketing solutions for any problem out there, from video marketing, SEO, building a custom app or website for your business, and more. We’re here to provide you with independent, expert advice on how you can optimise your business and see your revenue and profits grow using any aspect of modern technology! Crucially, we look to do this in a way that is affordable to your business, enabling you to pay over a period of 6 to 12 months, so that you can partially self-finance the investment through enhanced performance.

Many consultancy offerings are shrouded in a ridiculous amount of jargon – almost as though it’s designed to confuse people. We want to change that and help you cut through the mystery to understand the fundamentals and principles that remain the same, and how they can be utilised relevant to your business. To that end, we’ve put together a Fact Sheet and Jargon Buster to help shed some more light on what pursuing Consultancy could do for your business.

By the end of the Fact Sheet, you should be able to answer the following 4 questions:

  1. Do you have a dedicated team with years of specialised digital marketing experience?
  2. Do you have a current marketing strategy laid out?
  3. If yes to the above, are you confident in the effectiveness of your marketing strategy?
  4. Are you looking to gain professional insight and advice about how to take your marketing strategy to the next level?

It may be that you’re already doing everything you can in regards to your business marketing strategy, but if any of these questions resonated with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to receive unparalleled service and benefit from our years of experience.

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