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Quality Control & Test Reports

As with any product, ensuring that highest possible quality is being consistently achieved requires a continual degree of maintenance via testing and checks. If you look at any industry, quality control plays an important role and the app and website industries are no different.

Test reports allow you to envision and predict the journey that most users will take through your product, and thus can aid you in engaging in a virtual dialogue with your consumers. An initial hurdle to overcome is the fact that first impressions from users are 94% design-related, so make sure that your product has been designed aesthetically by a professional graphic designer who knows what they’re doing.

Once this is overcome however, considering all aspects of what a user will be looking for in your product functionality-wise, will allow you to ultimately increase the satisfaction of your users by addressing any problems, ideally before they’re encountered. This can be done by testing all webpage links are working correctly / not broken (includes outgoing, internal, anchor, and MailTo), figuring out which devices are supported by the app and whether this includes the most popular models of devices among your target audience.

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The average number of apps that can be easily discovered externally and improperly accessed is scary – 70% companies on the Financial Times (FT) 500 list can be found on the dark web, because the apps are not protected with strong authentication and other access-control measures.



91% of website visitors do not trust websites that contain errors or mistakes.


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The key to app success is to get the users hooked during that critical first 3-7 day period.


ICN charges a modest fee for completing test reports that can be scaled to appropriately suit your business needs. All tests will be clearly laid out and readable, and ICN will never recommend any changes just for the sake of it. We’re committed to helping you streamline your product so it can be as successful as possible, and will only ever highlight issues that genuinely need to be resolved to improve the user experience or user interface of your app or website in order to offer you a service that is as cost-effective and as efficient as possible.

If you have a website or an app, it’s in your business’ best interests to receive regular test reports. ICN Media strongly believes that they are an unparalleled service in terms of offering peace of mind and quality assurance. They’re the number one way to make absolutely certain that you’re offering an up to date, fully functional product. ICN has created a fact sheet where you can find beneficial information and a Jargon Buster.

If you’re still on the fence, hopefully our key questions will help you come to a definitive conclusion!

  1. Do you have an app available on any of the app stores?
  2. Do you have a live website?
  3. Has your product been verified and tested in the last three months?
  4. Have you had any complaints from users?
  5. Do you have a system in place to deal with any complaints in a proactive way?

If you can answer all of the questions above confidently, then you may not need to run test reports, however, we prefer the absolute certainty that test reports offer for peace of mind and functionality and will happily discuss further with you the benefits you can get from test reports and quality control and how it can serve to help your business.

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