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Native advertising is just part of ICN Media’s comprehensive digital media offerings which draw upon our digital marketing thought leader experience that goes back to 1998. Although there’s a lot of discussion surrounding native advertising and digital marketing is such a fast-paced industry, there’s surprisingly few digital agencies out there who are happy to talk about native advertising as a trend and how to make the most out of it.

Native advertising can be said to have a long history dating back to before the birth of the internet, when digital print reigned supreme and advertorials were the prime way to get products in front of an audience. The word is a portmanteau of advert and editorial and essentially was and is a way of encouraging consumers to engage with adverts by disguising them as a legitimate, objective article within a body of print.

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74% of companies indicated that native advertising content marketing is increasing their marketing teams’ lead quality and quantity

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When comparing Native Advertising to traditional advertising, it’s worth noting that around 40% of 18-24-year-olds are currently using ad blockers in the UK as they find traditional ads disruptive. However, this age bracket ARE open to immersive, relevant, native content experiences, especially on mobile.

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Video is the second most-effective type of native advertising after online articles.

Advertorials have had to change with the times, particularly now that the internet and online digital content takes up so much real estate and there’s an argument to be made for how Native Advertising is the new face of advertorials; certainly the fundamentals remain the same! It has to be said that not everyone agrees that the two terms should be used synonymously, and we acknowledge that there are subtle differences, but for the sake of being succinct, when we talk about Native Advertising and advertorials, we understand them both to mean advertisements written in the style of content to drive consumer interest. In this landscape of the ever-exponentially growing market of the internet, understanding all of the appropriate channels for promoting your business and how to effectively utilise them can be tricky, but that’s why ICN Media are here to help!

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