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If you choose to proceed with ICN Media when building a new website, we think it makes sense to also offer our hosting services. We value your time which is why we want to be able to give you the option to make any changes or updates to your site as quickly as possible, with minimum fuss.

Growth isn’t necessarily an immediate consequence of choosing a hosting service. However, in order to be able to utilise all of the digital marketing tools available and stimulate growth with these channels, choosing a hosting service that you can rely on can be beneficial. With that said, the right hosting service can support your business’s growth by being reliable and responsive should your website server encounter any errors or crash. Your website will, for the most part, be the first taste that customers get of your business online.

Being able to trust in your hosting service and know that your bespoke site will stay live through fluctuations in traffic and anything else that comes it’s way is a safeguard when it comes to reaching new clients and maintaining or improving your brand’s reputation. If your site is down for any period of time, you’re at risk of hemorrhaging traffic and those users might never come back if their first and only impression of your website is negative. 

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Approximately 80% of people who visit your site will abandon it if there are slow loading time and never return. Choosing a hosting service that allows you to control or lessen the time it takes for your server to respond will positively impact the volume of traffic that stays or returns to your site.

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Having access to the cPanel enables you to take important steps such as minifying files to boost loading time; combining similar files limits the number of HTTP requests that your server sends and can get your site closer to that ideal 3 seconds or less load time.

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It is anticipated that by 2020, 68% of all internet traffic will be from users on a smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.

In the interests of transparency, we’ll tell you now – hosting services are not the focal point of our business. We offer this option to clients who would like us to build them a website so that going forward we can quickly and easily gain access to important aspects of the site such as the backend, code, and c panel. This is done in the interests of updating your SEO site health and maintaining it on a day-day basis in order to result in improvements in search engine results page placement.

If you do require any updates or changes to any aspect of your website, we want to be able to carry out those requests are efficiently as possible. Having access to your website’s backend, code, and c panel through managing your hosting service gives us the capability to implement updates without the kerfuffle or back and forth of email chains with a third or fourth party. This can save money and hours of time trying to get in contact with the right person over a small change.

Since ICN Media views Hosting as a commoditised business service, we only look to recharge our costs out to clients instead of trying to make money off you out of this. We much prefer to generate our income by creating a difference to the clients that we work with. The hosting supplier that we typically work with is the leading supplier in the UK and our team is well-used to collaborating with them in order to support your website. Not only that, but the setup that we offer in any agreement that you make with us will pass on the 99.9% uptime guarantee that our hosting partner offers to us.

If you’d like to read further resources about why hosting services are important and how your decision could affect your business, feel free to check out our Hosting Services Fact Sheet and Jargon Buster Guide that our team put together.

By the end of the Fact Sheet, you should be able to answer 5 questions:

  1. Do you have an active website for your business?
  2. Have you updated or refreshed your website within the last 3 years?
  3. Would updating your website be straightforward?
  4. Do you think you need to start again from scratch with your website to make it more intuitive to navigate or to improve user experience?
  5. Is the cost of updating prohibitive or putting you off?

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