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ICN has a highly-skilled team of designers and developers for both Android and iOS. ICN published its first App in the second year of the App store and has gone on to produce more than 30 Apps. We boast a record of having Apps featured on the front page of iTunes, the App Store, and the Google PlayStore 15 times. We’ve been nominated for Digi Awards and Meffy Awards, were the BBC Click ‘Highlight of 2012’, and have been twice named in the Sunday Times ‘Top 500 Apps in the World’ list.

The App Store has completely altered the way that software is created and distributed. The need for businesses to have a mobile strategy has always been there, but there’s firm evidence too, proving that mobile-only internet users have overtaken desktop-only users globally and that mobile users are now spending 87% of their time in apps, versus just 13 percent on the web.

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By 2022, the number of mobile app downloads is projected to be 258 billion – which is a 45% increase over a five year period.

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According to Statistica, the worldwide mobile app revenue is going to be around $188.9 billion via app store downloads and in-app purchasing alone.

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The average 18- 24 year old spends 3 hours or more using apps on their mobile device.

Apps have, without a doubt, become the preferred option for users when utilising their mobile device and smartphones also aren’t going away any time soon. App software is evolving all the time thanks to updates and newly released hardware but the established device formats: phones and tablets, are highly unlikely to undergo a significant technological or behavioural disruption within the next few years. As a result, the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore for Android span the necessary distribution perspective perfectly for the time being. 

In order to help you ascertain whether your business would benefit from having an app, we’ve written a Fact Sheet to help guide you in the right direction. By the end of it you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Will your app offer a specific solution to your customers?
  2. Are you trying to search for a database which is location based?
  3. Do you find that you are getting more than 60% of your website traffic from mobile users?
  4. Do you have video content or location-based services to offer to consumers?
  5. Is the cost of building an app worrying you?

It may be time to start thinking about choosing a partner to develop your app. We highly recommend having an experienced, dedicated partner who has proven prior experience releasing apps to work on delivering your app vision. This is in order to ensure that not only are you happy with the finished product but also that your customers are being guaranteed a product that will give them value, that they will return to over and over again.

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