Complete SEO Audit


See how we at ICN can help your company improve their SEO Success.

What You Get

Before any action can be taken to optimise your site for Search Engines, it is necessary to first assess the current state of affairs in  order to develop an optimally effective SEO strategy moving forward. For £1,250, ICN Media will analyse a vast range of data in order to assess your site’s current SEO performance and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, our SEO Audit will provide your business with a complete account of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to produce a bespoke, detailed, and invaluable SEO ‘Plan of Action’ for your business.

Having completed your audit and provided your business with a detailed, tailored SEO Strategy, we can then pro-actively manage and implement your strategy at a rate of £350 per day.

In addition to these services, we offer a monthly ‘digital marketing’ report in which we will break down and analyse your business’ performance using data from Search Engines, Website Analytics and Social Media, alike. This costs £350 a month, or alternatively you can just receive a SEO report for £250, monthly.

Entrepreneur’s SEO Offer

If you run a small business consisting of FIVE employees or less, then you can qualify for ICN Media’s SEO Entrepreneur’s offer…

For just £99 a month, you can receive:

  • A copy of our ‘Seventy Steps to SEO Success’
  • A ‘Lite’ SEO Audit
  • A ‘Lite’ monthly SEO Report

In addition, ICN Media will implement any SEO changes for you at a rate of £175 per day: a 50% discount.